5/2/2024 UPDATE:
Northbound I-75 from Belford Road to Saginaw Road has 1 LANE OPEN for emergency drainage structure/road repair. The repair and concrete curing time will keep only one lane open for approximately 10 days.
Drivers should expect delays. An alternate route is exit 93, Dixie Highway, to westbound Baldwin Road to northbound Holly to I-75.

Please be advised of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) ramp and lane closures on I-75 as outlined in the table below (you can click on the image to expand the view). Additional details can be found here, a map of the project area can be found here, and maps showing area entrance/exit ramp closures can be viewed here

With this large construction project on I-75, the Springfield Township Fire Department would like to remind you if you have a mechanical issue with your car and it cannot move, please do not get out of your car. If you have to get out of your car please move to a safe place away from traffic. If at all possible, please continue to the nearest exit.

Chart showing I75 and Dixie Highway ramp and lane closures from March until November 2024