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Some 10,000 years ago, as glaciers receded from a place we now call Springfield Township, a unique landscape began to emerge, one which would evolve into an intricate ecosystem from which rivers would trace their source and Shiawassee Basin Preserve prairie and pondbecome a mosaic of vista-inspiring hills, steep ravines, kettle lakes, oak savannahs, forested wetlands, rare bogs and prairie fens. Detailed information is shown on the Surface Geology and Hydrology of Springfield Township Map

Long appreciated by natural resource scientists for its complicated topography, this narrow landscape band running across Springfield Township and northern Oakland County is dramatically different from the topography that characterizes areas to its north or south and is unmatched in both its diversity and beauty. It is the beauty and diversity of these remnant landscapes from so long ago that today draw people to Springfield Township and add so much value to the community’s quality of life. Detailed information is shown on the Native Landscape of Springfield Township Map.
Poweshiek Skipperling butterfly
Springfield Township's unique ecosystems provide habitat to a wide variety of wildlife, including several extremely rare species - many of whose populations are in serious decline. One of those is the Poweshiek Skipperling, a small butterfly that depends on high quality prairie habitats like our fen for its survival. Learn more here!  

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