All public roads within Springfield Township fall under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission for Oakland County. The Road Commission for Oakland County is responsible for the maintenance, repair and any improvement for all public roads within the Township. You can report any concerns or problems on public roads to the Road Citizens Service Department at 877-858-4804.

The Township does from time to time contribute to the cost of major improvements such as the Dixie/Davisburg intersection improvements, the paving of Holcomb Road and the addition of a center turn lane to a portion of Dixie Highway.  For the last several years the Township has also provided funds to place additional gravel on Township public roads and has contracted to have  all gravel public roads chorided.

The Township has a few private gravel roads developed prior to 1973. We provide chloride to those roads thru a private contractor if requested by the property owners. Many newer developments have private roads. These newer private roads are all paved and are not built to any lesser pavement standard than public roads. However, the Township does allow a design standard for private roads based upon the amount of traffic, the topographical and other environmental constraints of the development and other factors not taken into consideration typically with public roads

Road Classification Policy

County Road Speed Limits: How are They Set?

Paving Public Roads

Due to the cost associated with paving public roads any such change will almost always require the establishment of a Special Assessment District. The Special Assessment District allows the cost of the improvement to be assessed against the benefiting property owners. For subdivision streets this is handled by the Road Commission for Oakland County. Generally they require a Petition of Interest to be submitted to them that is signed by at least 51 percent of the frontage along the road to be paved.

After 51 percent of the frontage express interest in  paving a road the Road Commission for Oakland County will do a Preliminary Engineering Study, estimate the cost and set up a meeting to discuss both the plan and cost with impacted property owners. If property owners decide to proceed they then must circulate a Formal Petition; if completed and signed by 51 percent or more of the frontage the petition is submitted to the Road Commission and the project proceeds.

Paving of subdivision streets typically is done with a different standard than would apply to paving non-subdivision streets or new streets within a proposed development. The asphalt depth is the same but ditching, tree removal, drainage and other changes are not quite as stringent for subdivision streets.