Public Outreach Meeting

We had an unfortunate hacking incident during the Public Outreach Meeting, and were forced to end the meeting early. We will plan an alternative arrangement and format and reconvene the meeting as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and for joining the meeting—we had over 60 attendees before we had to abruptly end the session. We look forward to sharing all the information and hearing your input in the near future.

In the meantime, meeting materials are still on display outside the library. You also can complete the survey here or through the link below.

Meeting Materials
Meeting materials are available for public inspection through the links below and are on display in the upper lobby of the Civic Center during regular hours of operation.

Public Input Survey
Understanding the priorities of township and county residents will inform project planning and help guide future park development. Citizens may provide input by attending the outreach meeting and/or by completing a survey. The survey is available to complete online through the link below and also is available in paper form at the Civic Center display. The survey will remain open through February 1, two weeks after the outreach meeting.

Take the survey:

Springfield Township and Oakland County have extensively explored options for the Davisburg Mill Pond Dam. Due to the age of the dam and based on information from a 2011 engineering study and 2015 video inspection, the Mill Pond Dam has significant deficiencies and associated safety/liability issues.

A feasibility study was commissioned in October 2018 to identify various alternatives for the dam. The study included two public informational meetings, held in March and May of 2019, to present preliminary findings and receive public input.  The Feasibility Study resulted in eight viable alternatives in two scenarios to either replace or remove the dam. During a Special Meeting held on June 6, 2019, the Springfield Township Board carefully analyzed every alternative based upon several factors including historical significance, effect on safety, water wells, and real estate values, recreational benefits, environmental considerations, and cost.  The Township Board ultimately recommended dam removal and restoration of the river corridor. The County concurred in that recommendation.

In the fall of 2019, the project moved to the preliminary engineering and conceptual park design phase. The consultant has collected data to determine how to engineer the stream channel and arch culvert at the Davisburg Road crossing and has prepared plans for the restoration of the river corridor. Concurrently, the consultant is offering recommendations for future enhancement to the surrounding park properties.

The Oakland County Parks & Recreation Commission, Springfield Township Board, and Springfield Township Park Commission reviewed the preliminary engineering plans and conceptual park designs at their meetings in October 2020 and approved presenting the plans to the public for review and comment.