Prescribed Burn Alert:

The prescribed burn scheduled for 4/13/2021 at Springfield Oaks County Park was postponed until today, 4/14/2021, with an expected ignition time of 1pm.
Frequently Asked Assessing Questions

Where do I file my Property Transfer Affidavit?

Where do I file my Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit?

What are the guidelines for a Principal Residence Exemption?

What is the deadline to file for Principle Residence Exemption?

Where can I find information about conditional recission of a Principal Residence Exemption?

Where do I file a Request to Rescind the Principal Residence Exemption?

How do I appeal my assessment?

Can I find out what the assessments are for my home and my neighbor's home?

How do I get an exemption based on financial need?