Rotary Park is owned and managed by Oakland County Parks and Recreation (OCPR), and Mill Pond Park is owned by Springfield Township and managed by Springfield Township Parks & Recreation. The Mill Pond Area Property Map depicts property owned by Springfield Township, Oakland County and the State of Michigan. The Mill Pond has been jointly managed by both OCPR and Springfield Parks & Rec, with both entities sharing in invasive species management, and Springfield Parks & Rec providing public access via Mill Pond Park. The Mill Pond Dam is jointly managed and maintained by OCPR and Springfield Township via an interlocal agreement signed in 2015. The agreement, based on a 1984 property deed, stipulates that OCPR and Springfield Township will work together to reach a consensus for all work on the dam, including the service, repair, and maintenance of the dam. Per this agreement and based on each party’s proportional share of property frontage on the Mill Pond, OCPRC is responsible for 55% of the financial obligation and Springfield Township is responsible for 45% of the financial obligation.