Davis Lake Overlook

In the summer of 2003 Springfield Township acquired the  37-acre Davis Lake Overlook, which is now part of the larger 515-acre Shiawassee Basin Preserve. The Shiawassee Basin Preserve forms part of the globally rare and ecologically exceptional Long Lake Natural Area.

A Management Plan is being developed for the Davis Lake Overlook. Due to the extreme sensitivity of this site, however, use is and will be limited to low-impact activities such as: nature walks, bird watching, and wildlife/nature photography.

Under the terms of the federal/state grant through which the site was purchased, and the conservation easement placed on the property, activities detrimental to the Conservation Values of the site are expressly prohibited.

Prohibited Uses or Activities

The following are some examples of prohibited uses or activities.

  • Motorized vehicles of any type (including ATV's, motorcycles and snowmobiles)
  • Non-motorized vehicles such as mountain bikes
  • Gasoline or electric –powered boats, or personal watercraft
  • Horses and horseback riding
  • Hunting, trapping and skeet shooting; or possession of weapons of any nature
  • Removal, damage or destruction to any plants, trees or wildlife
  • Camping or campfires

In addition, other general Park Rules and Regulations for Springfield Township apply.

We hope you enjoy the special beauty and ecological significance of the Shiawassee Basin Preserve and the Davis Lake Overlook. Due to the sensitivity of the Overlook, please do not venture into the wetlands and fen areas.

For additional information about the Shiawassee Basin Preserve, Davis Lake Overlook, or Park rules and regulation, please contact the Springfield Township Parks and Recreation office at (248) 846-6558.