The following sections are found under Chapter 24 of the Springfield Township Code of Ordinances.

  1. Hours are:
    • Summer Hours (April 15th - Labor Day): 8am - 10pm
    • Fall/Winter Hours (Day after Labor Day - April 14th): 8am - 8pm
  2. Open fires are prohibited
  3. Glass containers are prohibited
  4. No littering or dumping allowed
  5. Park in designated areas only
  6. ORV's, ATV’s, snowmobiles and motorcycles are prohibited
  7. Lawful hunting and trapping are permitted in designated areas only.  Trap and skeet shooting are prohibited
  8. Damaging or removing park property is prohibited
  9. Business of a commercial nature is allowed by permission only
  10. Loud music; profanity; or loud, abusive, and/or disorderly conduct is prohibited
  11. Alcohol consumption is prohibited
  12. Swimming is prohibited except in designated areas
This list is not inclusive.  Please visit the park office for a complete list of rules for each park.  The Shiawassee Basin Preserve properties have additional rules, which can be found at the Springfield Township Parks and Recreation office.

Please report all violators of park rules to the Oakland County Sheriff at 248-858-4950

Violation of park rules is a civil infraction and may lead to court action.  A $250 reward to anyone who leads to the conviction of a park vandal.

**All park restrooms close October 15th (weather permitting).