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Building Permit Requirements

The following are required when obtaining a building permit:
  1. Completed building permit application.
  2. Three (3) sets of building plans including foundation plan, floor plan, elevations and cross-section of building showing the materials to be used. One set of plans will be returned to you after being approved and signed.
  3. Plot plan (to scale) showing location of easements, drainage, grades, property lines, proposed building(s) and any existing structures.
  4. Photocopy of septic permit, driveway permit, well permit and soil erosion, where required.
  5. Association approval on plans and plot plan may be requested in subdivision or condominium developments.
  6. After receiving a building permit, check to see if mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits will also be required.

Certificate of Occupancy Requirements

After finalization of all electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building permits, and all outstanding fees are paid in full, a permit holder may request a Certificate of Occupancy.  Further, the Township requires a final water test and septic approval prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. Contact Oakland County at least one month prior to final inspections.  The Township requires that any and all outstanding fees owed MUST be paid in full prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.


Well & Septic Permits Driveway Permits
  Oakland County Environment Health Department
County Service Center Building # 36 East
1200 Telegraph Road
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 858-1312
  Road Commission for Oakland County
2420 Pontiac Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48328
(248) 858-4835
Soil Erosion Permits    
  Oakland County Drain Commission
Bldg # 95 West
One Public Works Drive
Waterford, MI 48328-1907
(248) 858-0958


Minimum House Sizes for All Residential Districts
(Private restrictions may require larger)
  • 1 story: 1000 square feet
  • 1 ½ story: 1250 square feet
  • 2 story: 1500 square feet



Inspections Required

  • Building: footing (house), backfill, footing (garage), rough, final.
  • Electrical: service & underground (if required), rough, final
  • Electrical: low voltage, rough, final
  • Mechanical: fireplace, gas pressure, rough, final.
  • Plumbing: (if required), pressure test, rough, final
  • Commercial buildings are required to have slab inspections.
  • Additional third party inspections may be required by inspectors.



Rough and Final Inspections

  • Electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections must be approved before building inspection can be done.




Lot Size

Road Frontage

Road Setback

Side Setback

Rear Setback


2 ½ acres

165 feet

75 feet

25 feet

35 feet


1 ½ acres

150 feet

50 feet

25 feet

35 feet


1 acres

120 feet

50 feet

15 feet

35 feet


½ acre

110 feet

50 feet

15 feet

35 feet


Structures for animals (all zoning districts) must be 200 feet from a neighbor’s dwelling and 100 feet from all lot lines.


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